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Things to do and places to see with your four legged pal in Providence and surrounding Rhode Island.

This blog is run by a 25 year old trainer & behavior specialist who enjoys going out with her pups - London, a 7 year old Alaskan Malamute, and Takoda, a 6 year old Shikoku Ken.

London is likely to be featured most often, as he is reliable and well-mannered in nearly every situation he's thrown into and generally enjoys the hustle and bustle of busy streets.

These reviews are written with likewise well-mannered, reliable, and/or well-trained dogs in mind. Please keep your dog and your fellow man safe and happy. Please do not bring a rowdy, poorly-trained, nervous, or reactive dog to a crowded place with too many unknown variables.

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I’m not an insanely talented photographer, so these pictures do not do “Nice Slice”, a Thayer Street pizza parlor, any justice at all!

Nice Slice is an amazing experience with or without a dog, but aside from their fantastic thin-crust pizzas and affordable pricing, the staff has always been fantastic toward my dog. 

I initially chose Nice Slice one afternoon when I was hungry because of its outdoor seating - in the furthest corner from the door is the smartest place to hitch a (well behaved!) dog to the railing and head indoors for your order. 

Pictured second is my lunch - the slice and the ginger beer - on the left and on the right is London, my Malamute’s. The staff eagerly offered sliced meatballs and were very accomodating and polite when I requested water. They also offer a good amount of delicious-sounding Vegan and Vegetarian options.