Dog Friendly Providence

Things to do and places to see with your four legged pal in Providence and surrounding Rhode Island.

This blog is run by a 25 year old trainer & behavior specialist who enjoys going out with her pups - London, a 7 year old Alaskan Malamute, and Takoda, a 6 year old Shikoku Ken.

London is likely to be featured most often, as he is reliable and well-mannered in nearly every situation he's thrown into and generally enjoys the hustle and bustle of busy streets.

These reviews are written with likewise well-mannered, reliable, and/or well-trained dogs in mind. Please keep your dog and your fellow man safe and happy. Please do not bring a rowdy, poorly-trained, nervous, or reactive dog to a crowded place with too many unknown variables.

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Rick’s Roadhouse on Richmond Street in Providence is a nice little place. The building is very open and it has a large selection of outdoor seating. When presented with a menu, the waitress provided a menu with a nice selection of BBQ, burgers, and Southwestern dishes. She also provided a small menu for my four-legged friend!

Of course I didn’t get a picture of my meal, but I had a pulled pork quesadilla what was affordable, filling, and delicious. I ordered the chicken for London and was surprised by a complimentary frosty paw for him when the manager came out to meet him!

Overall, I had a wonderful lunch, London had fun, and I was really pleased with the staff and how they treated us (despite London sometimes getting in the way). For a sit-down lunch, this was a great place that found a perfect balance to make me and my pup feel spoiled without giving away the farm.

I’m not an insanely talented photographer, so these pictures do not do “Nice Slice”, a Thayer Street pizza parlor, any justice at all!

Nice Slice is an amazing experience with or without a dog, but aside from their fantastic thin-crust pizzas and affordable pricing, the staff has always been fantastic toward my dog. 

I initially chose Nice Slice one afternoon when I was hungry because of its outdoor seating - in the furthest corner from the door is the smartest place to hitch a (well behaved!) dog to the railing and head indoors for your order. 

Pictured second is my lunch - the slice and the ginger beer - on the left and on the right is London, my Malamute’s. The staff eagerly offered sliced meatballs and were very accomodating and polite when I requested water. They also offer a good amount of delicious-sounding Vegan and Vegetarian options.

I’m truly excited to start “Dog Friendly Providence”, a guide to Providence with your best friend at the other end of the leash. With “Dog Friendly Providence”, I aim to outline all the experiences I’ve had with my dogs in Providence for residents and visitors alike. 

We will explore places to go, things to see and various activities in our posts. I will also accept other user content or suggestions on where to go and what to experience next.

I hope you like our adventures and reports as much as I do!